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Dr. Timothy S. Johnston, M.D.

Specialty Family Practice

Dr. Johnston first received a Pharm D. from UCSF, taught pharmacy school at the University of New Mexico, received his MD from UNM, and then came for his residency in Merced in 1985.

Dr. Johnston especially enjoys prenatal care and delivery. He has held privileges at Valley Children’s Hospital for more than 25 years. He is a certified clinical densitometrist and is Medical Director at Grace Home in Livingston, Anberry in Atwater, and Anberry Transitional Care in Merced.

Dr. Johnston enjoys watching his grandchildren play baseball, basketball and volleyball. He is the team doctor for Stone Ridge Christian High School. In his spare time, he works.

  • Dr. Timothy S. Johnston, MD

  • Lynda Scales, FNP

  • Dr. Mak MD, AGAF, FACG

  • Ken Miller, PA

  • Dr. Andrea Heyn, MD

  • Dr. Marie David, MD

  • Gina Broussard, FNP

  • Julie Davidson, FNP

  • Eunice Hall, FNP

  • Dr. Augustine Provencio, MD

  • Krista Calhoun, FNP

  • Sharon Brown, PNP

  • June Boffman, PNP

  • Dr. Christopher Clark, MD

Lynda Scales, FNP

Family Practice/Obstetrics



Larry Traylor, FNP/PA

Family Practice

Ken Miller, PA

Acute Care

Dr. Andrea Heyn, MD

Family Practice/Obstetrics

Dr. Marie David, MD

Family Practice

Gina Broussard, FNP

Family Practice

Julie Davidson, FNP

Family Practice

Eunice Hall, FNP

Family Practice

Dr. Augustine Provencio, MD

Family Practice

Krista Calhoun, FNP

Family Practice

Sharon Brown, PNP


June Boffman, PNP

Dr. Christopher Clark, MD


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